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List of Productions

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List of Video West Productions

Customers include: Epitaph recording artists, Voodoo Glow Skulls; Mercury Fontana recording artists, Ric Colbeck Quartet and top rated jazz drummer, Selwyn Lissick, Panda Television Network, Hollywood Treasures Television Network, The Asia Network, KCSB TV, KVCR, KJRP, Knoxville TN Zoo, Champions Sales and Rentals, Wright Patterson AFB, Dats Entertainment, Junior University Musical Theatre, Yucaipa Little Theatre, San Bernardino Valley College, Saint Aquinas High School, Saint Anne’s Parish, First Assembly of God,

List of Productions from Sunset West Productions’ producer director John Koroulakis.1157  Wizard of Oz Cast Party
1156  Back Stage at The Wizard of Oz
1155  Chili Cook off – set of 30 second commercials
1154  Backstage at J.U. – Peter Pan – Video Tape/DVD
2005  7 Faces – First Live Performance – Video Tape/DVD
2004  Sun is Coming Up – The Ric Colbeck Quartet – Re-mastered for CD
2003  Friendship Next of Kin – Selwyn Lissick  – Re-mastered for CD
2002  One – Forever CD
2001  “Hey Baby” Forever – CD single
1153  Untitled Hip Hop Artist Music Promo (in preproduction)
1152  Live Jazz Laser Festival Promo Video (in production)
1151  Pilaties Workout Video (in preproduction)
1150  Mistress of the Dark – Music Video (in production)
1149  Mail Stop commercial
1148  Backstage at J.U. – Snow White
1147  40th Anniversary Junior University Musical Theatre
1146  Extreme Kenpo Karate
1145  Cinderella Backstage
1144  Cinderella Commercial
1143  History Past History Future
1142  Christmas Dance Recital
1141  Dancing and Acting
1140  Revelation of Jesus Christ (2 tape set)
1139  Power and the Glory Easter Pageant
1136  Snow White – Musical Theatre Live on Tape
1135  African Hair and Music Pageant
1134  Secret Garden – Theatre Live on Tape
1133  Aquinas H.S. Graduation
1130  Wind in the Willow – Musical Theatre Live on Tape
1129  The Vegetarian Gourmet (in preproduction)
1128  Last Days of the Santa Fe (in production)
1127  Volleyball workout (in preproduction)
1126  Soccer for Girls (in preproduction)
1125  P.S. I Luv U (in preproduction)
1124  Route 66 Car Cruise
1123  Mountain Bike Madness
1122  Music Underground Live (in production)
1121  Back Stage at Alice in Wonderland
1120  Aquinas H.S. Graduation
1119  Saint Anne’s Spring Special
1118  Aquinas H.S. Basketball season
1117  SBVC Men’s Basketball season
1116  Saint Anne’s Christmas Special
1115  Tom Sawyer Backstage
1114  Pinochio Backstage
1113  Music and Dance Celebration
1012  Aladdin Backstage
1102  SBVC Girls Volleyball season
1101  M*A*S*H – Musical Theatre Live on Tape
1032  Kissing Bears commercial
1031  Sports Collectibles  commercial
1030  Singapore Gold Lion Proof Set  commercial
1029  Angel Mint Silver Coin Set  commercial
1028  Modern Jewelry  commercial
1027  International Gemstones  commercial
1026  Diamonds  commercial
1025  Colombian Emeralds  commercial
1024  Majorca Pearls  commercial
1023  Australian Opals commercial
1022  The Knife Handbook  commercial
1021  The Red Book Coin Appraisal Book  commercial
1020  Gold Coins of the Old West Book commercial
1019  Learn Watch Repair Video Series
1018  Denver Instrument’s Ainsworth Scale commercial
1017  Valentine’s Diamond Heart Pendant commercial
1016  SOS Cellular Phone Infomercials
1015  Extraordinary Jewelry Book commercial
1014  James Dean Commemorative Watch commercial
1013  One Ounce Silver Panda Mint Coin commercial
1012  Here Comes Trouble
1011  Dog Pile Music Video
1010  Voodoo Glow Skulls Live at Movieland Frontier Town
1009  Voodoo Glow Skulls Live at the Barn
1008  Mr. Chain Saw Man Music Video
1007  Lady in Black
1006  Graffiti PSA
1005  Annie – Musical Theatre Live on Video
1004  Vacation to Paradise
1003  What You Don’t Throw Away PSA
1002  Re-Psycho PSA
1001  Teen Pregnancy PSA
115  Surf/Waves.  Ambient Sound Effects CD
114  Rain.  Ambient Sound Effects CD
113  Thunderstorm.  Ambient Sound Effects CD
112  Haunted House.  Ambient Sound Effects CD
111  Carnival Midway.  Ambient Sound Effects CD
110  Circus Sounds:  Ambient Sound Effects CD
109  Cricket Song:  Ambient Sound Effects CD
108  Sea Sounds. Ambient Sound Effects CD
107  Modern War Sounds:  Ambient Sound Effects CD
106  City at Night Sounds: Ambient Sound Effects CD
105  Wilderness Sounds: Ambient Sound Effects CD
104  Wild West Sounds: Ambient Sound Effects CD
103  Harbor Sounds: Ambient Sound Effects CD
102  Farm Land Sounds: Ambient Sound Effects CD
101  City Sounds Ambient Sound Effects CD